Premium stained glass room dividers and glass walls


Introduce the magic of glass into your home with premium room dividers and glass walls created by Sprankles.

Impressive stained glass unique pieces that add an artistic element to your living environment. Firmly housed in sleek frames made of environmentally friendly quality material. If desired, tailor-made, and always with a majestic appearance.



‘Living the dream’

Stained glass by Sprankles is a guarantee for tingling glass magic. Imagine a room divider that catches the first daylight in the morning, radiates a serene silence in the afternoon and enhances the atmosphere in the house in the evening like a symphony of color. Living the dream, it is simply at your fingertips.

The Big Rose room divider (210 x 210 cm) transforms every master bedroom into an extraordinarily special place, especially in the morning sun


‘Size Matters’

Room dividers and glass walls generally cover several square meters. This generous size in combination with living light, impressive depictions and well-chosen colors makes the artworks of Sprankles irresistible eye-catchers. Although you will only really see it when you see it for real.

The Jellyfish room divider (210 x 210 cm), stained-glass magic of the deep sea that adds extra cachet to even the most luxurious bathroom


‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit’

Sprankles produces high-quality works of art and does so exclusively with premium materials and top of the bill stained glass. “Quality is not an act, it is a habit,” Aristotle already said. An observation that makes sense and perfectly fits Sprankles.

The Hendrickje room divider (after Rembrandt, 1654) is stained on the beautiful, hurled Artista glass and ideally suited for creating a serene accent in a spacious bedroom


‘Be original’

The room dividers and glass walls of Sprankles are all handmade unique pieces. Always original and always with a personal touch. And whether it concerns depiction, color scheme or frame, they can be realized in any size according to your wishes.

The Dancing Warrior room divider (approx. 160 x 210 cm), an almost mystical showpiece that lends itself perfectly to a spacious reception hall


“Live in light”

With stained glass by Sprankles you are assured of a personal, distinctive signature. Handmade and unmistakably distinctive compared to conventional art on the wall or on a pedestal. Light, shape and colorful intensity that can also be functional.

The Wadden room divider, which radiates pure exclusivity due to its expressive design and striking signature sign


“Do whatever makes your eyes sparkle”

As a little boy I first saw – hand in hand with my grandfather – the majestic stained glass paintings in the monastery opposite my grandparents’ farm in Nieuwe Niedorp in North Holland.

Now, decades later, – with Sprankles – I create stained glass room dividers and glass walls, from that wonderful material that not only sparkles itself, but also lets people’s eyes sparkle.

A great privilege and an immeasurable pleasure.

At work in the studio with stained glass for the monumental room divider Sea Life
Plural: Sprankles.

A contrasting part that makes something more interesting and attractive.


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